'wanderer, there is no path, the path is made by walking. we're all wanderers in life.' -spanish poet, antonio machado

Saturday, April 30, 2011

zmena transformations...

(...i know, this statement is redundant)

I am in a bit of a transition with this blog and I've been checking out tumblr too. I think what I'll end up doing is playing on tumblr and referring to this blog for any longer posts (you all know how I can get a bit long-winded). I've considered leaving this blog behind, as I started it upon leaving for my big crazy life adventure...but quickly realized my big crazy life adventure continues with each new day. So, here I am...attempting to make updates to this space in order to make it more apt to me in my current state of adventure. That said, I've updated the header image for now and will be applying more updates as time passes. I'm actually very, very excited to unveil this header image, as it hails from the beautiful Ashley Barlow of Ashley Barlow Art.

The story of how I met Ashley is - in and of itself - one of those special stories of the power of our networks. While I was in Prague I was blessed with the opportunity to work with amateur artists - young and old alike. My great friend Lo mentioned on several occasions a woman named Ashley who did mixed media artwork back in Minneapolis and that I should meet her. So when I moved back to Minneapolis last summer, I finally met Ashley and instantly liked her and was drawn to her style and her art. I am a big fan of mixed media artwork, particularly as a result of the incredible textures created. So when I started thinking about documenting the less-than-conventional story of how Tom and I met, I knew where to go. I created a creative brief of sorts and let Ashley interpret it how she saw best. I rounded up all of the love letters Tom and I had written throughout our journey, as well as the engagement love letters and our vows, per Ashley's request. The end product was just perfect. When I saw it tears came to my eyes...this is the depiction of lovers who connected by chance and strengthened their connection from thousands of miles away through love letters and adventures galore. So without further ado, I'll unveil our very first piece of commissioned artwork as a couple. The artwork is done on four pieces of pine and can be hung as one piece, but also was designed such that each of the four pieces could live alone just as well.

our story

The first piece depicts the distance between us as I pursued my dream living and working overseas in Prague, and incorporates actual pieces of love letters we wrote back and forth to each other before and during my experience. She also incorporates vintage magazine clippings -Tom is on the bottom left of the piece writing to me and I am on the bottom-middle right of the piece reading this love letters.

This piece portrays our chance meeting at a mutual friends birthday party...Tom is on the top left in a blue suit looking at me, on the top right with the red dress. What is special about this one is that amidst all of the party chaos, Tom and I are the only ones truly looking at each other. Of course we know this isn't actually what happened, but I adore this depiction and the thought Ashley put into this piece.

This piece portrays the first few weeks of our 'relationship' as we got to know each other through messages written back and forth, sharing our dreams and passions for important life pleasures including - but certainly not limited to - red bull (light blue can for me, dark blue for him), coloured socks, pico ballas and more). The detail on this piece is outstanding, as Ashley actually wrote some of these things on the 'Note' I am holding in my hand. Lovely! The basketball hoop depicts our first date, when we actually formally met each other for the first time, playing basketball at Tom's gym and then eating tator tots at Bulldog NE.

The final of the four pieces is probably my favourite and the most special for its bright, bold hues, reflection of our wedding (superhero) theme, our wedding invite, some more love letters, including the wonderwoman love letter Tom sent me while in Prague (my favourite one, which may look vaguely familiar to you as it was formerly featured on a special blog post a while back), some of the 'love letters' Tom used to engage to me (bottom right) and our vows, which are located under the vintage magazine clipping Tom and Megan characters to the right of the piece. Wow. So incredibly special.

All of this said, a gigantic THANK YOU to Ashley Barlow...and of course to my dear friend Lo for introducing us, which has also lead to another friendship with a beautiful artist named Erin Kate who owns the most beautiful little boutique called the ekate designs & the Orchard Art House in Excelsior (which I found out about from Ashley, as her artwork is sold here). Erin's little shop is a gorgeous shop is the result of a gorgeous vision for local art, in which she doesn't charge a commission for items sold. I love this. You can also find her on etsy.

Thank the Lord for great connections and for beautiful artwork! Such a blessing!



P.S. Enjoy the new look and keep an eye out for updates in the future. In the meantime, check me out on tumblr.