'wanderer, there is no path, the path is made by walking. we're all wanderers in life.' -spanish poet, antonio machado

Monday, March 29, 2010


NEWS ALERT from Prague...we're short on votes and we need your help!!

The situation...460 votes, need around 900+ total in two days. WHOA.
The voting period ends Wednesday. If you haven't yet, now's the time to help Tom and I out with a vote, as we try to make it into the top 50 finalists. VOTE NOW!

If you all vote, we have a chance. I know what you're thinking...'I am not going to vote, because loads of other people will.' WRONG. You should all approach it with a mindset that no one else will vote, and vote with as many email addresses as you can. :) TIP: You CAN indeed use multiple email addresses, but you have to vote from computers (/IP addresses/browsers).

'What's in it for me?!' How about a free weekend stay in Prague?
I know this whole time you've most likely been thinking, 'alright, yeah - so this is cool and everything, but what's in it for me?!' Well, now I have your answer.

We've decided to sweeten the deal a little bit, giving you the chance to win a free weekend stay in a private ensuite room at our three existing properties, if you vote.

Here's how it works...
_Simply visit each of their fan pages: Sir Toby's Hostel, Miss Sophie's, Prague and Czech Inn Hostel
_Look for the promotional post, click on the url to vote (or vote by clicking url at top of this email)
_Reply to post with 'i voted'
_Tell all of your friends about it by forwarding this email, or posting it on your facebook page.

For more info about each property: www.sirtobys.com / www.miss-sophies.com / www.czech-inn.com

Thanks for your time, guys! And, thank you for your support!

Love from Prague,

Megan (and Tom too!)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

why should you vote?

1) register, 2) verify email, 3) your vote counts! no spam - i swear!)

Were pretty confident we have no chance at landing in the top 50 finalists for this contest, but we're having fun a freakin' blast with it anyway.

Just to give you a little snapshot of what we're up against: the top couple has 18,000+ votes and a heart-wrenching story. Numerous couples have battled terminal illness, losses in the family, distance as a result of the war in Iraq, horrible discrimination because of same-sex relationships and more. Wow. Rough, for certain. They definitely deserve it more than us.

And Tom and me? Well, we're just a healthy-happy-heterosexual-gummi-food-lovin' couple who has - truth be told - endured some struggles due to distance, but has also been blessed both with wonderful experiences and good health, but also with some of the most lovely family and friends around.

So, let's just say it's highly unlikely we'll reach the top 50. And, as competitive as we both are, we'll be okay with that. It's been fun in the meantime!

Thanks to you all for supporting us throughout this long-distance love affair. We are blessed beyond belief, and so, so, SO thankful for what God has given us...each other (and you).

Gryon/Villar from Thomas Suszynski on Vimeo.

Love and Wishes for plenty o' gummi food in your lives,

Meg and Tom

Sunday, March 21, 2010

what i write...

...says something about me. And about what I value.

My rockstar friend Steph took the time to put this visualization together for me, highlighting the most commonly used words in the last 6 months of my blog. How fitting that 'love' would be number 1, huh?! I think this is so cool, and I'm thankful Steph put it together, as it is a beautiful reflection of my experience here in Prague and the things that matter most...love, people, Tom, experience, facebook (ha! jk.), time, travel, friends, and more. Thank you all for being such an amazing support system and blessing.

(click on image below for larger view)
I feel loved. And blessed.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

love is in the air!

Tom is en route as I type this!

Me = overly excited (what's new?!)! :)

Our Travel Plan:
10 - Prague
night of 10-15 - Gryon, Switzerland
15-17 - Prague




Sunday, March 7, 2010

MHTV special...meg(ski) and bro(ski): ski ještěd, cze!

As I was walking home last night through the dimly-lit cobblestone streets of Prague, it began to snow. Not just any snow...it was bit, fluffy, beautiful flakes of joy...swirling around my head and up and down and left and right with no seeming convention whatsoever. It was free and floating and eccentric and gorgeous. It made me smile.

It's March in Prague, and whereas I am used to Minnes(n)o(w)ta winters with heaps of March snow, Prague is certainly not. In fact, Prague isn't used to snow much at all these days. Before I left for the States at Christmas it started to snow. And, it wasn't just a fluke thing...because it continues to snow today. The snow brings to the surface moments of magic into my life...up in my office on the third floor of Czech Inn I feel like I'm in a snow globe...last night as I walked through the dark and eerily quiet streets in my neighborhood, I found myself sticking my tongue out, playing a game to see how many of the oversized, fluffy flakes I could capture in my mouth...today the snow began to fall again - with wild abandon - and I started singing (loudly - pretty sure the locals thought I was crazy), 'if all the snowflakes were milkshakes and cupcakes...oh what a snow that would be...standing outside with my mouth open wide...' (like Cass and I used to sing at ski races). Magical and delicious. I love the snow.

So it would only be appropriate that I spend the weekend - after it snowed on Friday - bussin' it to the north of the Czech Republic to conquer the Czech (big) hills. And what's more...my bro was able to strap on the ol' skis and boots with me. I've quite sufficiently fed my love and passion for snow in my time here by heading to Germany last winter for the world cup, Switzerland to board (Laax and Flumserberg), Austria for a work/ski outing, Austria for the world cup (kitzbuhel!), CZE (Liberec with bro), and now to Switzerland (Gryon - hittin' up the Frenchy side with my fiance!)...I am so truly blessed to work in the business of hospitality where contacts in faraway lands are easily established. I have met some of the most amazing people. Wow.

I am still holding out for one more large snowfall...JUST ONE...please GOD?! Come on...just one more. That's all I am asking for. :) Funny to see all of my southern friends hatin' on the snow, when I just continue to love, love, love! Okay, okay...hang with me for a sec. If it snows once more - more than 3 inches - I will make a vow to ski Petrin hill in the center of Prague and get it on video for all of you to see. I promise.


Check out the Winter Wonderland below...

the snow globe effect in my office

with the goods in karlovo namesti - totally (not) normal

breakfast of champions (in honour of tom) with crazy guy in background (ha!)

smilin' in the sunshine!

beautiful tracks (not ours...it just looked pretty)

meg(ski) and bro(ski)!

alpenrider: no friends on powder days! hardcore...ha. :)

the sibs smilin' atop ski jested, liberec, cze

skiing: cze-style. ha.

snow surprise

Oh yeah...you're probably wondering how the skiing in the Czech Republic is? Well, let's just says it's no Alps...but it isn't Buck Hill either. It's respectable, and probably would have been better had we arrived earlier (bus got in at 11 and we spent the better part of an hour trying to figure out where to go and how to maneuver the ski area...not super self-explanatory, as you can imagine). Snow was rock-hard ice, a lot like the midwest.

But...surroundings were epic. Tons o' tree coverage...very cool and beautiful, although they could have had a few more good runs had the trees been cleared (don't hate me, environmentalists...I like me a good tree-hug every now and then too. but come on..that's skiing land! :)). Zach and I were talking about it, though, it's interesting why there are so many trees. You see, the trees are fairly young (post-Communism)...as many of the natural resources had been cleared out and land built upon during Communist reign, with little or no regard. As a result, there are regulations to how the land can be used now. Good if you like trees...bad if you like skiing. But what if you like tree skiing?! Well, not so fast, mister. Tree skiing'd be sketch here. We czeched (ha! never gets old!) it out and it was sketchy indeed.
But really, at one point I said to Zach, 'It looks like Narnia!' Shortly thereafter he informed me that this was probably because Narnia was filmed here. Oh. That could be why. Duh. :)

What a gorgeous gift...these little white flakes. So simple, but give me such joy. It's the little things in life.

Let's just hope there are a lot of little things...Petrin, here I come. :)

Ski fast,


Saturday, March 6, 2010

the (super)ultimate wedding...

...yep, we've decided to join in on the fun and submit an entry in Crate and Barrel/Daily Candy's Ultimate Wedding Challenge.

LEMME VOTE!! Okay...go here and click on pretty pink 'vote for this entry' button on right of picture: http://www.ultimateweddingcontest.com/entries/38320

'What the heck is this challenge, and what does it mean to me?!' Well, it's really cool because not only do you get to vote for two really cool people to win a really cool contest, but we all get the chance to sit back and marvel at the power of social media! In just three days, we've collectively tallied 258 votes. My goal is 100 votes a day. So, today we still have yet to grab 42 votes. As a wise man once said, 'Yes, we can.' ;)

So, go ahead and vote...if you have multiple email addresses, vote with every one of 'em. And, spread the word. Invite friends to the event we created on facebook. Post it to your profiles. Change your statuses. Tweet it. MySpace it. Email it. Pop it in an envelope and old-school-snail-mail it. Whatever. (okay, maybe not the snail-mail one, as we only have until 31 March). So, act now! Hurry!

In the mean time, enjoy reading my version of our entry...which was the resounding loser when we chose which one to submit, mine or his. Zach (my bro) chose Tom's in the taste-test. But...you tell me...which one is really better?! Leave a comment below to let me know. hee.

Title: She had him at H.O.R.S.E.
Our love story.

This fairytale began with a chance meeting on a dance floor (through a mutual friend) and turned into a beautiful written love affair, Megan and Tom sharing their biggest dreams and their love for brightly-coloured socks, haribo gummi food and global exploration (and his love for the pancreas) through their unique gift for prose. Finally, after three weeks of writing, he challenged her to a game of H.O.R.S.E.. She beat him. It was love at first H.O.R.S.E. 11 months later, she received the opportunity to work in Prague and they buckled down for long-distance-love. Thousands of miles apart and hundreds of love letters later, he proposed to her in the fairytale town of Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic.

Three important details about our Ultimate Wedding.
An outdoor wedding, on a flower farm near home. Oozing with personal style…shabby/chic with a euro-ecclectic, romantic and unique flair. Family and friends from around the world. Polish flavour. Global love. Superhero-themed. Juicy Lucys served on a silver platter. Red bull/vodka fountain. TOMS shoes...and lots of 'em. As much dancing as possible…and then more. Bonfire with s’mores. A hired ice-cream truck. Wishing on Chinese lanterns and releasing them into the air.
Our everyday dream day.
Relentless exploration as a couple…of the world, new recipes and the gummi candy aisle. Thinking beyond ourselves, and helping others. Mutual laughter. Broadening our worldview through words on pages or steps on cobblestone in European cities. Early morning trips to the gym on weekends and long naps in the afternoon. Bringing back the family dinner. Meaningful conversation. Back rubs after a long day at work. Enjoyment of the gifts God has given us. Like, for instance, Sebastian Joe’s oreo ice cream. And, of course, many, many games of H.O.R.S.E.
Happy voting! Happy Sharing (as I always say...sharing is caring!:))!




More to come...


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

mhtv: my wonderwoman

Okay, yeah - I know...you guys all know how much I love superheroes. And, wonderwoman specifically. So I thought that today, in honour of a true wonderwoman in my life, I'd bring wonderwoman to work with me and put together a montage to wish this wonderful woman - my mother - a VERY WONDER(WOMAN)FUL BIRTHDAY!

Happy birthday to a woman who I admire for many reasons. Mom, I (or 'we' I should say) wish you safe travels, lots of gifts:) and love from family, hugs and positive vibes, all the way from Praha, CZE!

Even though we're thousands of miles away, you were with me (and all of the people in my life today) throughout the day - from morning, to noon, to evening. Enjoy!

Happy birthday, mom! I love you and wish you a fabulous birthday!

Love from one wonderwoman to another!