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Monday, March 29, 2010


NEWS ALERT from Prague...we're short on votes and we need your help!!

The situation...460 votes, need around 900+ total in two days. WHOA.
The voting period ends Wednesday. If you haven't yet, now's the time to help Tom and I out with a vote, as we try to make it into the top 50 finalists. VOTE NOW!

If you all vote, we have a chance. I know what you're thinking...'I am not going to vote, because loads of other people will.' WRONG. You should all approach it with a mindset that no one else will vote, and vote with as many email addresses as you can. :) TIP: You CAN indeed use multiple email addresses, but you have to vote from computers (/IP addresses/browsers).

'What's in it for me?!' How about a free weekend stay in Prague?
I know this whole time you've most likely been thinking, 'alright, yeah - so this is cool and everything, but what's in it for me?!' Well, now I have your answer.

We've decided to sweeten the deal a little bit, giving you the chance to win a free weekend stay in a private ensuite room at our three existing properties, if you vote.

Here's how it works...
_Simply visit each of their fan pages: Sir Toby's Hostel, Miss Sophie's, Prague and Czech Inn Hostel
_Look for the promotional post, click on the url to vote (or vote by clicking url at top of this email)
_Reply to post with 'i voted'
_Tell all of your friends about it by forwarding this email, or posting it on your facebook page.

For more info about each property: www.sirtobys.com / www.miss-sophies.com / www.czech-inn.com

Thanks for your time, guys! And, thank you for your support!

Love from Prague,

Megan (and Tom too!)

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