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Sunday, February 14, 2010

won't you be my v-a-l-e-n-t-i-M-e?!

BLOG POST DISCLAIMER: this blog post is unfinished, but I wanted to get it up before the clock struck 12:00 and v-day was done. So, if you are reading this, I apologize for the random-ness of this post and assure you it will be fixed within the day or so. :) So, thank you...come again. Happy vday, my loves!

Okay, okay already! You asked for it, so here I go...sharing the love from my wonderful Cesky Krumlov(e) Valentine's Day weekend adventure! I think this was my sixth time in Krumlov, and it certainly didn't disappoint. It just gets better and better!

It all began by sharing the TOMS love and bringing some red canvas TOMS down to Krumlov with me as a belated birthday and Valentine's Day gift for the wonderful Carolyn, owner of Krumlov House. She loved 'em and I was so excited. She even mentioned she was going to look into calling her children's school and looking into whether or not the kids could get TOMS to wear as their in-school slippers. How cool is that?! Kids...doing it for the kids. Cool. Weekend off to a good start - mission: introduce TOMS to Krumlov - check!

Although I ventured down to southern Bohemia by myself, I felt more love around me than ever...spending time with friends at Krumlov House, Antre, and more! And, the best part was, I did all of the activities Tom and I tackle when we're there together, and I really felt his presence there. It was pretty dang sweet. I had high hopes for getting some good writing in, but alas...I did not. :) It's okay the time for writing will come when I am ready to sit down and write.

Anyway, here is a visual tour (of sorts) of the weekend...I also took some vids, but am having trouble uploading those. So, more to come.

mission: dance with the locals in the 'music bar', featuring the beautiful and talented 'C'! check!

mission: watch bollywood dancers at small czech republic town bar, antre. check!
(so random)
mission: smoke shisha by myself at dobra cajovna. check!
(try to buy another teacup to replace broken one for Tom - no check. unsucessful.)

mission: drink desert dunes tea and write love letters to home. check!

mission: attempt to get reservation at krcma v satlavske (frequented by locals). check!
(actual outcome unsuccessful. worth a try.)

mission: capture moment where tourists are looking for bears in winter. check!
(uh...um...they are hibernating, people. come on.)
mission: take picture making kissing face next to really czech flower sign. czech!
oops, i mean, 'check!'. :)

mission: find a stand-in Tom to be valentime for the weekend. check!
(love at first sight! actually...he appears to be looking down my shirt?! ha.)

mission: stop by trdelnik stand and make pout-face after realizing it wasn't open. check!
mission: realize love is in the air when stumbling upon writing in the snow. check!
mission: write in the krumlov house guest book for the 6th time. check!
mission: take picture of self, pretending Tom is there (to photoshop him in later). check!
mission: make sad face and think of Tom by our normal picture-taking point. check!
mission: catch an accidental (but beautiful and apt) view of TOMS while thinking of Tom. check!
mission: introduce TOMS to krumlov house. check!
mission: kiss creepy cat bag with valentine's day present from sweet lo. check!

More to come!



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  1. too cute! love it megs. keep havin fun & happy valentine's day - boston b


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