'wanderer, there is no path, the path is made by walking. we're all wanderers in life.' -spanish poet, antonio machado

Friday, June 5, 2009

it's been long...too long...

(at Letany metro station mit pivni festival treats)

DANG! I can hardly believe it has been almost a month since I have written...there have been so many blog ideas swirlin' through my mind and most of them don't even make it down on paper! The time is flying by and I have been in this new place for nearly five months...CRAZY! (below is an old pic of me...from the world cup in garmisch in january...when i was using the -ahem- toilet for the 5th time that day, due to mass amounts of red bull intake...however, i thought the "5" theme would be appropriate here. :))!

Soon, I will take some more time to reflect on what has changed in the last five months - as time tends to do, it certainly has brought with it much change. But, of course, in my life change is normal...in fact, it is expected (and lots of it!)...which is why I took such a liking to this very word in czech, "zmena" - and also why this blog has assumed the title.

(en route to garmish, partenkirchen for the world cup!)

I've been to Austria, various cities in Germany and Poland (more cities in Poland than planned, in fact!) and all over the Czech Republic...and have so many more places to go...Switzerland, Egypt, Southern Italy, Numerous Czech Beer Gardens (ha! that's how I acquired those two rockstar mugs in the pic above!) Croatia, Spain, Greece, Denmark, Belgium, etc...the list is endless and continues to grow (ahhhh! make it stop!! okay, I take that back:)).

(me in austria - princess posing for alyssa!)
My passport has gotten some usage and will get even more as the months go on. Next week (less than 5 days - lucky number 5! woot-woot!) I head to the States for 2 weeks...I'm really freaking out now, but know I will get every task (needed) completed - or delegated - prior to my departure so I need to just chillax. I cannot even put into words how crazy-excited I am to visit Minni - one of the most gorgeous summer-cities in the world! I am excited for a few reasons...but here are a few of them...TOMUS!, kowalskis, kookaburra licorice (faux-aussie), vosges ice cream, dinner parties with the gays, hair dates with my boys, my girls, the loop, stella's, driving my lil' hatchback, THE FIRM!, MY FAM (in sconnie), the lakes, and the list goes on and on and on!

I owe you many blog postings...including a blog report on detox in the good ol' Czech Republic, updates on life in the hostel world and what the heck I am actually doing here work-wise, the "zmena" blog post...what has changed?! and a blog about my love for (and extreme withdrawal from) the Firm. More to come...I promise.

I will leave you with this image...

...which pretty much sums up why life in Prague is sometimes more interesting than you'd bargain for (no, this man wasn't posing...and no, he was not dead - in fact, I made sure to up to him and make sure he was breathing so we were not taking pictures of a dead man.). Seriously. This is almost as bad as the men dropping trou (short for "trousers") and peeing in any ol' random bush...or alley...or just plain building...while walking. But, I think the men doing cocaine off of the park bench near Palackeho still takes the cake. I just thought this pic was comical because it was so convenient that he passed out next to a car ad...looks like the car hit him.
hezky vikend!

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