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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Brand the Experience. Experience the Brand.

Last week I read an Imagehaus (agency back home) newsletter that made me think of our brands and the brand experience we provide at our properties. Here goes...

Brands with that “stand-apart appeal” don’t just happen. They’re built, one experience at a time. And every touchpoint you have with your customer is an opportunity to make an impression and create an experience.

We help our clients’ customers gain that belief and trust with solid answers to these 4 key questions:

Differentiation What is the advantage of your brand over the competition?

Relevance How do you add value to the customer's experience?

Credibility What is the single thought that defines your brand?

Compliance How do you ensure brand consistency in look and feel, personality, voice and tone?

Often, people come to us and think they need a logo, a tagline, or the “look and feel” of a website.
A brand is so much more than just components. Simply stated, a brand is the perception of your company based on the expectation of value.

There's some food for thought...thanks to Imagehaus! At our properties, we make an effort to offer our guests with an unmatched customer experience, and I think we do a pretty good job...or so our guests have said. Of course, there is room for improvement, but suggestions and ideas are always welcome! So, come and stay and let us know what you think:).

Here's to loving the brand and appreciating the customer experience...


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