'wanderer, there is no path, the path is made by walking. we're all wanderers in life.' -spanish poet, antonio machado

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

artsy musings and not-so-melodical meanderings

This past weekend I hit up Code Mode Free Fashion Weekend at Karlin Hall. Located in a massive, unfinished warehouse - the event was the perfect mix of vintage and urban/mod a fashion-lovin' gal could ask for. Complete with a funk-fresh-fashion show, DJ, essence-of-cool-tattoo artist and more, Code Mode was a boutique-vintage-shopping-diva's dream (yours truly included).

For more than just a moment, I felt as if I were in Berlin. Totally unreal atmosphere. Prague needs more of this. My dream for Prague is that it would have more of this...not just twice a year during Design Supermarket and Code Mode, but cool flea markets galore and much more influence from the young and fresh designers. I am quite confident this will happen.

It also reminded me of one thing I'm really going to miss...interacting with expat and Czech artists here in Prague (particularly the young Czech artists). With the introduction of a more structured gallery at Czech Inn, I've been blessed with the opportunity to interact with the local artist community - both Czechs and expats alike. What an exuberant and creative group of individuals I've been able to interact with in my time here!

As I reflect on the last 15 months of my life, I think about the beautiful artists I've met...not just the painters, illustrators, musicians, photographers, comedians...but really, the numerous individuals I've met who are really living their own unique artistic abilities out every day (including conversationalists, mothers, yoga instructors, language teachers, dancers, friends, missionaries, etc). Seth Godin focuses heavily on this theme of artistry/gifts in his latest book, Linchpin, which I strongly recommend to everyone I know (seriously). I will dedicate a more detailed post to Seth Godin in the near future, as he and his new book certainly deserve it. But, for now - what I am trying to get at is that everyone has a gift and I've had the chance to come into contact with so many gifted individuals in my experience here who have made a huge impact on me and my life in ways previously unimaginable. I tell myself every day that I am truly blessed. Beyond belief.

From my perspective (very likely skewed), the uniquely different and beautiful thing about the artist (what we traditionally know as 'artist' - aka painter, photographer, designer, musician, etc) crew here in Prague is the sheer number of 'em. There is an artist influx in Prague! I swear, at times I feel like the only one who can't create something gorgeous with my hands or voice. Everyone is an artist (of course in reality, everyone IS an artist, as Seth Godin has taught me...but for the sake of this blog post, you know what I mean). And, because of this, the artist community has a sense of excitement and humility I had not previously encountered in artist communities. The musicians I've worked with are excited to fill a room with their sweet sounds. The painters and illustrators and candlestick-makers (just sounded right here, k? ;)) and photographers are thankful and overjoyed for space to showcase their creations. And they all seem to have an edge of authentic ingenuity (Did I just make that up? Ah well, I'm going to go with it, because I think it sounds cool.) and enthusiasm behind their gifts I hadn't encountered in the States. It is a truly special place for this reason.

And that, my friends, is one of the many, many reasons I have been blessed in this experience in Prague. Oh how I will miss it. Let me count thy reasons.

Wishing you all of the authentic ingenuity possible...today and beyond,


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