'wanderer, there is no path, the path is made by walking. we're all wanderers in life.' -spanish poet, antonio machado

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

berlin: runde drei (?)

Piggybacking on my post yesterday about fashion, funk and freshness in Prague at Code Mode last weekend, I thought I'd write a little about Berlin, my fav city.

Ventured to Berlin with one of my dear friends and colleagues, Chicks, a few weeks back and still haven't had a chance to report back to you all. If you've never been to Berlin, I highly, highly HIGHLY recommend it. In fact, it is very likely that Berlin is one of my most commonly recommended cities-to-gander-at (second to Cesky Krumlov, of course). When I was in Munich back in September for Oktoberfest, I remember one Bavarian we met saying something to me like, "We don't consider Berlin to be the capital of Germany...it's not authentic like Bavaria. Berlin is a melting pot of cultures." Melting pot indeed. And this gal likes to stir the pot (hopefully there are some yummy noodles from a berlin noodle bar in that pot:))!

Berlin has been a sort of escape for me, an escape to subtle reminders of Minneapolis: bright colours, people, personalities, foods, shops, markets, flavours and more. Welcome to a place where originality is pivotal to the vibe of the city. Not only is it accepted...it's the norm (hmm, how could originality be considered the 'norm'?!).

A special place where hipsters run wild, frolicking (okay, you got me there...hipsters don't really 'frolick' so much, do they?!) from shop to shop looking for their next pair of skinny jeans, plaid shirts and hipster shades (ahem, hee). Local designers' creations spill out of storefront windows. A place where you worry more about dodging cyclists than cars. And of course, a place where you can go to bars called 'white trash' and DJs dress up in drag.

Ahh, yes...sweet, sweet Berlin in all of its odd glory and bold eccentricity. I love it.

And, I HIGHLY recommend it.

In Berlin this gal trusts,


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