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Saturday, March 14, 2009

MHTV#8 - from the office...

This one's a bit dated...I shot it last week, but I wanted to get it up here anyway. I know I still owe you guys some pics and info about my new job, so here is at least a start. This is where I work...isn't it a gorgeous building? This is actually the Czech Inn, one of our three wonderful properties. The central office of the three hostels (Sir Toby's and Miss Sophie's are the other two), which is also known as the "Hub" is located on the third floor of this building. I'll have to add a pic of my view as well. It's gorgeous. Much better than sitting in the middle of an old Polaris warehouse (sorry Carlson friends, it's true:)). I am truly blessed.

Along with this snap, I also took some video when I was working last weekend in the office. Enjoy, and more to come!!

MHTV#8 - a message from the office from megan harrod on Vimeo.

love you all and wishing you sunny days...and stays (in our hostels when you come to visit:)),


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