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Saturday, March 14, 2009

a song/half of blanky for tom...he's coming tomorrow!!

This is a very special post!!

The day's just keep flyin' by and things are getting better and better...i am really enjoying my time here and i understand that things aren't always easy. Czech lessons are rough...but I am glad I am doing it. The day-to-day interactions are rough, but they are so important in the grand scheme of things because these experiences are what makes this whole life experience so unique and massively important.

Today I was on a run (apparently I'm a runner now) on the cobblestone streets of Praha and decided to take the path not less traveled. Meaning, I decided to do big loop that entailed me running across Karluv Most. For those of you Americans who think this isn't it a big deal...let me frame a pic for you. First of all, no one runs here. If they do run, they run in parks. And, they run during the day. I decided to run on a Saturday night, across the Charles Bridge. hee. And while I was running on came this Plain White T's song called, "1,2,3,4" that totally grabbed my attention.

The lyrics go: "Give me more lovin' than I've ever had, make it all better when i'm feeling sad, tell me that i'm special even when i know i'm not. make me feel good when i hurt so bad, barely get mad, i'm so glad i found you. i love being around you. you make it easy. easy as 1,2,3,4...there's only one thing to do, three words for you, i love you...there's only one way to say those three words, and that's what i'll do, i love you..."

So true. This one's for Tom. Please keep Tom in your prayers as he flies over the big blue to see me, and pray that He would watch over us this week as we enjoy our time together. It isn't always easy to be thousands of miles from the one you love, but Tom makes it as easy as it can be.

And, believe me - Tom is awesome. He is so awesome that I would even do this for him:

Yes, that's right, all...I've cut my blanky in half! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! hee hee. For those of you who know me well, you know I love my blanky, and it's traveled with me for the last nearly 26 years around the world. My dear, wonderful grandmother made this thing for me when i was a lil' babe and I have worn it out. In fact, the little white squares used to have embroidered animals on them. Yeah, sad.

So, when Tom asked me if he could have this while I was gone, you can imagine I had a very difficult time giving in. We made a deal. He'd buy me this cool scarf from Urban (that sorta felt like my blanky) and I'd give him the blanky under one condition - I got to keep it until he came to visit. Hmm. 2 months later and I'm not ready to let go. The creative juices start running. 'What can I do to get out of this?', I thought. And the most logical answer I arrived at was to cut the blanked in half and give him the other half. Compromise. And that, my friends, is what our relationship is all about. It may not seem like a big deal...but if you have a blanky you know what it is like to part with it.

But for this guy, I'll make sacrifices. Big, blanky-cutting-in-half sacrifices. :) hee.

do a good deed for someone today,


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  1. You are way too cute! I loved reading this post! Love you Megs! So happy for you both!


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