'wanderer, there is no path, the path is made by walking. we're all wanderers in life.' -spanish poet, antonio machado

Monday, August 3, 2009

221 day anniversary...(what i've soaked up)

...yes, you heard correctly...I have been here for exactly 221 days (just over 7 months to the layman;)).
*Megan's blog tangent: I actually meant to write a 6-month anniversary post, but time has not been on my side as of late, but awesome visits from some very special people...including Beata and Duane - Tom's cousin and her new husband - and two of my very best friends, Andrew and Jeremy. I also started this on 3 August, didn't publish it until the 17th August, and then tried to update it on the 19th and didn't autosave, so all of my changes were lost:(. Here is the shorter, less thoughtful version...*
In honour of this very special anniversary, I feel compelled to give you all a visual tour documenting the lessons I've soaked up in the last 221 days. Enjoy, and feel free to giggle a little bit...it's good for the soul.
Lessons Learned at 221 days

In Germany, the Hoff is a legend. No joke.

Henry loves to travel with me. Polish weddings are crazy/fun (picture to come).

Sometimes people greet with one kiss. Sometimes 2. Sometimes even 3.
And sometimes it gets very awkward.
(and I don't have a picture for this one...that def. would have been awkward!)
CZE-Poland train travel is best experienced with a phone,
directions, and english/polish dictionary.
The "swine flu" can be fun.

Crystal shops make me cringe.
(don't have a picture for this one because the lighting made me want to throw up)
I loathe rat tails.
Riding the mass transit system black (no ticket) is exhilerating. Fearfully exhilerating.

Czechs like dogs (eurodogs and real dogs). Even ugly ones.
(eurodogs - there is nothing quite like 'em)
Ice cream makes a good breakfast on weekends.

Wedding planning from afar is at times as much fun as attaching
a bunch of dead mice to myself and jumping into a snake pit
(but trying on dresses is so fun!).
Berlin has sweet graffitti and even sweeter vibes.
Proper hipsters make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
I am in love with Krumlov(e) House
(and Krumlov in general)!
*pictures courtesy of the lovely Steph Dalager*

Detox in the Czech Republic is a near-impossible feat. Czechs make me happy (the person and the people in general;)).
Knitting can be fun. Traveling is best done with jesus as your travel buddy
and a timbuktu over your shoulder.Poznan is a city in Poland.

View Larger MapI genuinely love Twilight...no, I mean like REALLY love it. (Okay, okay, it's more of an obsession, really.)
The style here is...well...um...just different.

World Cup races in Europe are fun...
but probably even better when not cancelled.

But really, I've learned...

You have to be yourself. ALWAYS. No matter what.

Self reflection is uber-important.

No matter how much I think I've already explored,
there is so much more exploring to do.
Leading is a neverending challenge.
Sacrifice is (sometimes) a bitch...
but in the end it is oh-so-worth-it.

Wandering is good...because eventually you find where you belong.

Relationship-building takes time...

...but when you establish the strongest and most meaningful of relationships,
they'll never leave you.
(and they're best celebrated over a shot of slivovice and tall glass of pivo)Sometimes you stumble upon wisdom (in word form) in the unlikeliest of places. The hostel industry is absolutely amazing -
and brings together the most special, eclectic mix of travelers.

Communication is so, so, so, so important.
(Even more important in a foreign country.)

Sometimes you have to do things you don't like before you can do the things you really love.

I have so much more learning to do...I never want to quit (learning). Life is so much more interesting this way. Thank you to those of you back home who have been so supportive of my goals and dreams - not many people understand them (or me, for that matter), it's those of you who really take time to look past what is just 'normal' to really accept and understand me. So, thank you for this.

And thank you to all of my new friends here who have been so amazing and welcoming - I really am blessed to have the strong community I have in this new place. You guys (and gals) are wonderful.

I love to love all of you.

Thank you for teaching me something...each and every one of you (I'm blessed to have so many teachers!).




  1. Love the pictures and your way of communicating all your lessons. Love Mom - I have to be Anonymous because I could not figure out how to post otherwise.

  2. Hi honey - what a great, poetic post! Loved it! I recognize that dress shop! And the graffiti must be Banksy. "Poznan is a city in Poland" - I'm laughing out loud. Love you gal!

  3. Mom - you rock. i love you.

    bg - glad you liked it!! Ah yes, Poznan. ha.


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