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Sunday, August 23, 2009


Yep, that's right...the day has come. Radiohead is in Prague and I scored tickets. Can you believe tickets were still available a couple of weeks ago? Unheard of. Anyway, I am so freaking excited I can hardly stand it! Mr. Tom arrives next Monday, the 30 of August and I am just ecstatic. It's a skoda ("pity" in czech...just like the car make!;)) that Tom won't be able to see Radiohead with me today, but I've resolved to record as much of it as I can.

Although I knew of Radiohead's music prior to the Tom chapter in my life, I didn't really get into it until Tom properly introduced me. Since that magical day (the first date, when he was blaring it in his saab trying to impress me with the acoustics in his car...ha!). We adore all of their stuff, but a couple of songs, in particular, are close to my heart for a big reason.

"All I need", one of their newer songs, is beautiful and the video - which I just came across today - is thought-provoking as well. That's the reason I love their stuff so much. Not only is the sound utterly unique, but the words of their songs are thought-provoking. I was introduced to this song the night Tom proposed to me in the quaint and charming town of Cesky Krumlov, so of course this one will always be dear to my heart. Go ahead, take a peek...

My absolute fav Radiohead song has a piano instrumental I could listen to, nonstop, for days. It was, in fact, the RH song Tom and I listened to together on that historic, chilly January night after a game of H.O.R.S.E. (I won, of course;))and tator tots at The Bulldog in NE. The way that Thom Yorke's fingers move across the keyboard is graceful and almost overshadow the angst-ridden lyrics of the song. This is why I have, in fact, chosen this song to be an integral part of my wedding. Those of you who will be there will witness this first-hand, as I hope I will move down the aisle just as gracefully to T(h)om(as) Suszynski's fingers simultaneously moving across the keyboard. Of course, we'll nix the words and only feature the instrumental, as the words wouldn't make for the most joyous start to a marriage, would they?! ;).

Anyway, I can't believe I am letting you all in on this wedding ceremony secret. Maybe it's because now you can all help me hold my Tom accountable for refreshing his piano skills and showing them off for you all;)!

So, without further ado...

I'll drink a pivo to you all today as I listen to the sweet, sweet sounds of RH!


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