'wanderer, there is no path, the path is made by walking. we're all wanderers in life.' -spanish poet, antonio machado

Friday, January 9, 2009

Vítejte v České republice!

Okay, I am not sure if google translator translated that correctly, but for now I'll just have to live with the translation, whether right or wrong and plead naivete until I know better! :)

This won't be too long, just wanted to let all of you out in the blogosphere (what a cheesy word!) that I arrived safely to Prague after a very long day of traveling. I have to say, I must be pretty blessed since I made it with no mishaps...and British Airways rocks...free wine, airplane food...toxic chicken/tomato/noodle something-or-other, lots of tea, personal tv screen and aisle-exit-row-vacant seat to my right-galore! LOVE it! Despite being fairly worn out after numerous long days and late nights of packing, a day in the windy city with two of the people I love most (shout-out to Mikaela and Tomus!) - complete with a trip to the Polish district, and an international flight - I am feeling pretty effervescent (that one's for you, Stace).  After some anxiety around what I was going to tell Customs when they asked me why I had so many bags (including an oblong-shaped one...ski bag, of course), I flashed a gigantic smile and whizzed right past 'em! On top of all of this, I encountered one of the most stunning mullets I've ever seen (and no, Billy - I will not cut my hair into a mullet like my brother has! :)), on a giant of an eastern euro man...who was also wearing quite the genuine leather fanny pack. Dang that was a spectacle! Successful trip so far, I'd say. 

Okay, I diverge. Where was I going with all of this?

Oh yes! There it is! So, I arrived in Prague to my dear brother's open arms, with a hearty welcome that went something like the title of this blog. Of course, again, I am not sure what he exactly said, as I am just a naive American English-speaking, Ugg-wearing gal. hee! That's for you, bro. But, regardless - me and my large bags (I actually only had three, and thanks to my peace-corps-africa-village-living-Boo's advice, decided it'd be a waste of money to ship anything and instead try the "less is more" approach that we Americans - especially me - do not often practice) were welcome with open arms. Which was great because, coincidentally, my bro's got big pipes. ha ha. 

But, really - I neglected to mention in my inaugural blog posting one of the things I am most excited about in regards to this opportunity...something I suppose many of you may not know. My brother also lives in Prague! Sweet, huh?! Totally sweet. So, because my brother so kindly reminded me that I didn't mention him in the first post, this one is dedicated to him. You see, my brother is a missionary with AIA (athletes in action) here in Prague...to learn more, czech;) him out at www.zachharrod.com to learn more about the rock star life he lives here in Prague. I am excited - beyond words - to reunite with my brother and live in the same city for the first time in a long time. I am so thankful for him and the work that he does. Love you, bro. 

Alright, that wasn't succinct at all. 

I promise I will try to get some video as well as pictures on here soon (mostly so my blog can rival the coolness of my bro's) - tomorrow I am going to check out an apartment and explore the city...that is if jet lag doesn't conquer me first. 

I feel welcomed in my new home...



  1. Oh thank you Megan... That was sweet of you and I was only giving you a hard time, like big brothers are called to do! ;-) I'm excited you are here. I'm praying for you a ton! For the record, I HAD (not has) a mullet! Love you!

  2. Hey, Megan, WELCOME to Prague! My name is Bethany - my husband and I live in Prague and know your brother. I'm sure we'll meet sometime soon, but I wanted to introduce myself and say welcome and let you know that I enjoyed this post - I really enjoyed your friendly (and slightly random) writing style :) I'm looking forward to meeting you even more now ;)

  3. British Airways. Naturally.
    Need I say more?

    Love Queen xx


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