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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

stuff i like: sweet vintage luggs +

pretty pretty pink bags

I'm always looking for cool new trinkets. DailyCandy often gives me the inspiration I am seeking - and tonight they did just that. Even though I don't have the means to shop, a gal can steal dream...and plug some cool stuff for others to indulge on!

Today the Candy featured these totally rad, pretty and pink vintage luggage... and they say it so well, "So it’s a little soft and, well, bulgy — always sticking out a little more than you’d like.Show some respect to the junk in your trunk with SteamLine Luggage. The vintage-style leather cases are updated versions of old-school travel pieces."

Lovely. I adore it, and I also adore Daily Candy. You should too.

oh, and p.s. another cool thing I found is this obama finger puppet, of course hailing from my most fav. boutique, patina. So weird. And that's why it's so cool.

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