'wanderer, there is no path, the path is made by walking. we're all wanderers in life.' -spanish poet, antonio machado

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

awakening from the blog silence...


Whew! First of all, I would like to apologize for my silence the last month - it is utterly CRAZY to think about all that has happened in the last month, but even so...there is no excuse for my lack of bloggin'. So, please forgive me...please, please, please!

Second of all, you may have noticed that the blog has a bit of a new look. So allow me to introduce you to the NKOTB (new kids on the block, baby!...yeah, isn't it sad that you just knew what i was talking about when you read that acronym?! back in the day. *sigh* oh, jordan! ha. i digress.)...

1) I've added a new piece of functionality...take a look. Just over to the right. Scroll down and you'll find it under the somewhat creepy 'I'm watching you' heading. That's it...ClustrMaps. I can track visitor locations by country so as you so graciously stalk me, I can stalk you back. FUN, huh?! Yeah, super-cool.

In fact, it was my friend ClustrMaps that encouraged me to write an update post now, because she told me that nearly 170 people have visited my site in the last month and that was embarrassing because, well, I haven't written anything new! But, what she also informed me about is that there are people all over the world reading this blog. It looks like I have fans in (or perhaps people were unfortunate to stumble upon me in) the States (duh!), Czech Republic (again, duh!), Canada, Poland, UK, Australia, Germany, Brazil, India (what?!) Luxembourg (again, what?!), the Netherlands, Serbia (whoa!), Australia, Turkey (wow, awesome), Portugal, Spain and Austria. How cool is that?! Thanks to all of you for visiting 'zmena' and being so cool and other-worldly ;).

But, I am wondering where my peeps from France, Switzerland, Ireland, Kazakhstan (Borat?!), Africa, Nicaragua, etc. etc. are! Come on, guys - represent! You can click on the map and check it out too. Pretty dang cool, huh?!

2) Also gave the blog a new look and feel, but want to do something even more visually appealing. And, now that I have a mac (woot woot - best christmas present EVER!), I think I'll be able to whip something up - if nothing else, at least a new main image with embedded copy rather than the template's forced and ugly typeface. Hang with me.

That's it for now. I have loads of updates for you guys and I am VERY behind, but will work on the ol' holiday letter in the next week or so and hopefully get something out there for the world to see!

Along with that, I'll tell you about my MAD-CRAZY travel month of January...I just returned from 2.5 weeks of holiday in the States between Minnesota and Wisconsin on the 8th, celebrated my one-year anniversary in Prague on Saturday, and then hit the road for an offsite company retreat in Austria with our St. Christopher's partners from London. Phew. You thought it ended there, but it doesn't. Next week my travel pal, Lexy, comes to Prague and then we'll hit the tracks for the Kitzbuhel world cup. WOW. AMAZING...and we're both super-pumped. We'll return on Saturday night and she'll head to the States while I jump on a plane to Dublin, Ireland for the Hostelworld conference. Are you tired and maybe a little bit jealous from reading that?! I am definitely already tired, but super-excited for this month of work/fun travel.

Follow me here and I'll share the crazy travel stories with you all and try to get daily updates from the world cup next week! YAY!




  1. Dear Megsie, I wish I had returned to Fiji by now so that it could be in your list as it normally would be this year! All in time dear one. Congrats on your anniversary and butt-kicking in the mountains! Love, Boo

  2. Aw, Boo - you're the best! Get that red dot on the map, girl!




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