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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

it's about that time...

...ski season is here, and Lo and I are ringing it in with a lil' weekend trip to Zurich and - more importantly - Laax, Switzerland. I thought about buying these boards (see picture below from a sports store near Czech Inn...sick!), but decided I'd opt for the wider variety this weekend. That's right, dad...I'm going snowboarding. Hold on...don't freak out. I'm still a skier-gal at heart.

ha...sport bazar near czech inn

This is just a precursor to many ski (/boarding) trips to come, including a trip to Kitzbuhel and then (potentially) Schladming for the night slalom in January. Part of me is bummed that I'm missing out on the famous Birds of Prey (Beaver Creek!) world cup annual trip this weekend, but I know I'll be there again in years to come.

So, in honour of the race I thought it was only fitting to spend time on the white stuff from afar. I'll be sending positive-ski-fast-vibes to the boys and watching the races from Switzerland!

For those of you in cyberland who don't know much about the legendary Birds of Prey downhill...and especially for those of you out there who don't know much about skiing in general, I've added these two vids for your benefit. Anyone who says ski racing isn't a sport...yeah, well I'd like to challenge you to ski Birds of Prey. These dudes are going upwards of 85 mph. That's as fast as a car...going fast. SO cramazing (crazy/amazing;))!

So, enjoy:

1) Daron Rahlves dissects Birds of Prey and 2) Steve Nyman's Birds of Prey Summer Tour

Happy skiing (and boarding ;)),


p.s. I'm doing pretty well with the one post a day thing...what do you think? Anyone out there? Hello?



  1. you have been an avid blogger lately! where in the world is that ski shop??! only in the czech...

  2. yes, maam! :) many late nights these days...story of my life! that ski shop is literally across from Czech Inn, right on that corner (just beyond that trafika u pilotu)! ha ha.


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